Numerous Natural Ingredients That Really Work For Treatment of Herpes Infection

More Than Half Of Population Is Suffering From Herpes

Herpes is a very common infection throughout the world that has affected nearly 90 per cent of the patients. You might get shocked by the given number but the truth is here. However, the fact is that most of the patients going through herpes infection don’t know that they have it. The main reason is that most of the people don’t get any kinds of indications. Generally, the herpes infection remains benign. Once you get infected by this virus then there is no way that can help you to eliminate this infection forever. Using Medicines associated treatment has no relevance in the treatment of herpes infection as it only produces numbers of side effects. The best thing you can do for better managing your outbreaks of herpes infection is to follow natural treatment or home remedies. There are uncountable pros of using home remedies for herpes that you need to know about. Before I tell you the benefits of it I would like to provide you the list of natural ingredients that really works best for herpes infection.


Natural Remedies For herpes Cure

Olive Leaf Extract

If used, olive leaf extract for herpes treatment, is a powerful natural herb that has enough potential to better manage you outbreaks of herpes infection. It is rich in antioxidants, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that prevent the growth of herpes virus. It also produces amino acids which is very essential for fighting with the condition of herpes infection. You can also use olive oil as a natural moisturiser and directly put on the affected area for getting a better result.

Baking Sodabaking-soda

Are you suffering from watery cold sore or lesion then use baking soda for getting the relief from this condition. Baking soda is a great absorber of any kinds of fluids plus it contains antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties too that can be used for preventing increasing growth of herpes virus. It is very well known for providing the relief from itchiness and painful sore. Read more to get details about baking soda for cold sores.

Lemon Balm

Can lemon balm cure herpes? Have you ever used lemon balm for herpes treatment ? If you haven’t used it ever or if you are unaware of its uses for herpes infection then you need to be aware of this great natural ingredient. Lemon balm is immensely useful for diminishing the intensity of herpes infection as well as provides the great relief from numerous kinds of signs and symptoms. Lemon balm contains Flavonoids, phenolic acids and rosmarinic acid that helps a herpes patient to heal the herpes signs such as cold sore, blister and watery lesion. Lemon balm also carries element named Eugenol that is really helpful in diminishing the pain.


Lysine can be simply defined as the amino acid is a kind of element that herpes virus really hates. That is why this is most commonly recommended for the herpes treatment by numbers of doctors. Lysine helps to limit the growing process of herpes infection as well as diminishes the annual outbreaks of herpes infection. You can directly apply lysine on the affected area for getting a better relief.

Oregano Oil

Can oregano oil cure herpes? Yes, it can surely. Oregano oil is considered as powerful natural oil for the treatment of herpes infection. The reason being oregano oil blessed with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal elements that are immensely essential for fighting from herpes virus as well as the herpes infection. You can use it with Manuka honey, lysine, olive leaf extract and with zinc. You must need to use it if you want speedy recovery from herpes blisters.

Ice Packs

This is also an essential remedy option available in your kitchen which works great for diminishing the signs of herpes infection. Ice pack normally provides great relief from acute indications but it can also be useful for managing the outbreaks of herpes infection.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is also a great remedy for better managing the signs and symptoms of herpes infection. Tea tree oil is blessed with antiviral and antibacterial properties that you can use for better managing your signs and symptoms. It also holds the power of antioxidants that provide the protection from free radials. It will help you improving your signs and symptoms. If used, tea tree oil for herpes cure can prove it to be one of the most effective home remedies for herpes treatment.


Honey have been used for long for treating the different kinds of diseases and so herpes too. Honey is blessed with powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties which is very essential for managing all the kinds of signs and symptoms. It also immensely helps boosting your immune system as well as controls the growth of herpes infection. A new research has suggested that increasing nitric oxide metabolites can help a herpes patient prevent viral replication


Echinacea is a great herb that helps to improve the immune system as well as holds the power of antibacterial and antiviral properties that can be useful in erasing the virus from the lesion. It also helps to improve the healing process of herpes wounds and blisters.

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