herpes virus & olive oil


Herpes Virus

Herpes, it is also called as herpes simplex is an infection that is caused by a group of virus and this group contains so many viruses but we will talk about those two viruses that have infected almost 70-85% of the world population. It is the most common virus across the world. These viruses are generally known to affect your skin. There are two types of herpes virus. Type one virus affects your mouth and its surrounding area like lips, upper part of your chin; sometimes this infection can affect your nose as well. Outbreak of this virus occurs when you share utensils with an infected person, direct touch with infected person, kissing, sharing contaminated objects like lip balm, lipstick or contaminated stuff that are being infected byherpes-blisters infectious people. Symptoms of herpes virus may not arise at its earlier stage but still, there are some symptoms that you should keep in your mind. Symptoms of this virus are cold sores, painful blisters and lesions, redness, eczema or itching and temperature. Another type of virus is Herpes Simplex Virus 2 and also abbreviated as HSV-2 is a kind of virus that generally attacks your genitals or reproductive part of your body. Outbreak of this virus occurs when two people have unprotected sex, having multiple sex partner, oral action during sex, cuddling and sharing contaminated objects. Symptoms of this virus are pain in genitals, pain during urination, redness on the skin, painful blisters, itching, a group of blisters that causes lesions. These lesions are extremely contagious.¬† It may be heart breaking to know that once these viruses have entered in your body may last forever in your body. Your immune system is not that mighty enough to pull out these viruses from your body. There are some medications available in the market that claim to treat this virus but it’s not so true. There are some medications available like acyclovir, famcyclovir and Valacyclovir that help partially but these medications bring some side effects as well. So there is another way to get rid of this infection and that is home remedy. Today we will talk about Olive oil and its usage in herpes treatment.

Use Of Olive Oil For Herpes

Mediterranean region of the world is a native place of olive oil. It also has the adorable flavor that can be used to spice up your food. It is available throughout the year and it can be found anywhere. Olive oil is known to cure different kinds of infections including herpes as well. Its anti-inflammation attribute helps your swelling skin to come on its initial stage. It helps to reduce you inflamed skin. It is also blessed with anti-oxidant that helps in fighting olive-oilwith smoke kind of bacteria and virus as well. Olive oil is one of the best treatment options for herpes infection. It can effectively fight against the herpes virus. Olive leaf extract consists oleoresin which is already been tested to kill the different virus. Olive oil is capable of boosting your immune system and it also stops this virus to outbreak. Oleurpein is the main content in olive oil that helps your immune system to fight against herpes infection. Olive oil is known for moisturizing the skin that can soothe your drying lesions. Olive leaf extract is even stated safe to be consumed prior to the herpes outbreak. So if you want your herpes to be cured in no time then you should try this treatment option.

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